Training & Presentations

The Linskill Centre is currently closed and Face to Face activities are not happening at present, however we are providing some sessions and activities remotely using Zoom. Please contact us on 07734 176 196 or for further information

What we offer


Please contact us for information on training and presentations suitable to your organisation. Costs are very reasonable and we can often provide initial taster training days for free. Examples of the type of training that we can provide include:
  • Lipreading overview & lipreading practice
  • Types of deafness & associated communication methods
  • Deafness & concentration fatigue
  • Personal experiences of deafness
  • Strategies & handy hints for communication
  • Basic sign language & fingerspelling
  • Facial expressions & connected emotions
  • Noise & ear protection

What Attendees have said


'Inspired me to want to learn more' 


'Was very effective' 


'thought provoking'


'Your approach has helped it stay in my memory' 


'Listening to someone with real life experience helps you to understand this better'