Bringing deaf and hearing people closer together




deaf awareness: NE’s (daNE) strategic objective is to communicate with and educate the general public in ways that will dramatically raise their deaf awareness so that deaf awareness becomes an inherent, natural, instinctive condition of everyday life which dramatically raises the quality of life for a significant section of the population.

Mission Statement


daNE's mission is to dramatically raise deaf awareness amongst the general public and communities by bringing together deaf and hearing people in social, working and learning environments. We will also create and deliver learning programmes, provide research and create opportunities which will facilitate good communications and interactions between hearing and deaf people. Using all forms of media, we will create a positive image of the contribution that deaf people make to the wellbeing and prosperity of their local and wider communities and how hearing people can improve the quality of life of deaf people.



Communication Equality


We will value the diverse range of communication needs of those we serve. We strongly believe in communication equality for all.




We seek to understand and support the diverse range of communication needs of those we serve, and we strive to implement provisions to promote the inclusion of all.




We aim to continually improve our deaf awareness competence and expertise; openly sharing our knowledge with others.




We both recognise and respect the diverse needs of those we serve.




We aim to inspire the best in everyone and to empower them.




We will always act ethically with regard to our positive treatment of the environment and we will treat everyone fairly in respect of the organisation and the people it serves.




We will seek to act responsibly and dependably in all deaf awareness matters.




We will seek to provide a sense of community and a sense of belonging, ensuring that people feel welcome and valued.


Financial Integrity/Prudence


We operate with financial integrity, prudence and discipline, always following best practice in respect of the organisation’s finances.

Board of Trustees (committee)


Ann Dewar

Helen Ganson (Treasurer)

Barbara Office

Karen Skipper (Chair)

Bill Peters

Ann Marie Beresford

Maureen Smith-Price

Julie Storey

Rosemary Muffitt

Ann Craven




Staff Team


Derek Craigie (CEO)

Andy Craigie

Carly Simpson


If you are interested in being considered as a member of our committee, we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch for an initial discussion.